Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A few of my loves.....

Today I thought that I would give you a little glimpse into the world of me. I have many obsessions and loves. For example since I was a little girl I have always loved picking dust and dirt from things with a pin. It started with my brothers games controllers, the TV remote and then it got to the point where I was paying my brother 50p to get the dirt out of his toe nails. Yes yes I know he should have been paying me for this manicuresk kind of service but I did not have a gentle reputation when with needle. The picture below is of my brother, he also now has an obsession with needles, he is an amazing tattoo artist...I like to think I had something to do with that hehe

My one big passion is up cycling. As a child I would love to make things and I think I got that from my mum. I always watched her decorating the house with the simplest of things. I remember she rag rolled the wall with newspaper dipped in paint (ew) but at the time it was the fashion and fabulous. She also used to make all of the kids in the street necklaces from bits of velvet and buttons. She was truly my inspiration. One of my fondest memories was when me and my brother both wanted one of those cool little red an yellow cars. You must remember these, everybody had one. To move the car you sat in it and scooted your self along with your feet. Even though you ended up with bruised knees from them knocking against the steering wheel and covered in green fly because of the brightness of the whole thing, it was the best toy EVER. 

So what happened next is where my journey as an obsessive up-cycler began. I took our old skateboard and a big cardboard box from the veranda. I cut two windows into each side of the box. Me and my brother sat back to back on the skateboard and I popped the box over our heads....voila a car that we both can drive in both directions. I dread to think what we looked like at the time but it's one of my most favorite memories. Plus my mum bought us one not long after probably due to the sheer embarrassment of us riding down the street in a cardboard box bashing into ever lamp post in site.

One of my other loves is car boot sales. In the UK you get some mega car booties with lots of treasure and also lots of crap. The picture below is when my and my brother decided to take 'The Beast' to a local sale, so we filled the car up with all sorts. Some of the boxes hadn't even been checked and in them we found used rusty baking trays, dirty towels and even some old boxers. Yep they all sold thanks to my cheese ball of a brother. That boy could sell sand to an Arab! 

When we moved here to Bulgaria I was in heaven. The house had been left with so many treasures scattered about. Old boxes, chests, glass and wooden frames. My mind was all a buzz thinking of what I could to make these things look great. I found vintage materials and made cushions, painted old chairs and made candle holders out of old milk bottles. Here are a few pics of my makes

 A chicken hanging made from old fabrics

 An old mirror cleaned and painted

 The balcony area fixed up and decorated with old found jam jars, furniture, tiles and crates

 A dream catcher made from sticks, old string and beads

 A wind chime made from found spoons, keys and feathers

 A cushion made from found retro material

Shelves made from wood from the garden

Only problem is my husband tells me I take it to far.......hehehe

A sheep jaw found on the field spruced up with a feather and hung from the pear tree