Monday, 19 January 2015

So here it is, my first blog....

So here it is, the blog that I have been attempting to write for over a year now. Life kind of got in the way but in a good way of course. It's been one heck of a journey so far over the last year and now I am ready to spill all and tell you about our new life here in Bulgaria.

My name is Sam, but the majority of you reading this blog will already know that because you lovely lot gave me the final budge to do this, so thanks for that! I have just turned dirty thirty (hmmm but not in that sense of the term, rather a covered in soil and chicken poop kind of way) and I am originally from Wolverhampton, yes I am a Yam Yam and I do love a bit of chips and gravy! The majority of my life I have spent working in bars and admin to put myself through education. I have a BSc in Geography and International Development Studies and then I went onto complete my Masters Degree in Environmental Management. All of my life I have felt that I needed to be surrounded by nature and then I met my amazing husband, who being from South Africa loves nothing better than the great outdoors. Lets just say If I had never of met him then I would have been quite happy with lots of cats as my companions (I'm not joking). We also have a new little addition to the family and that's our gorgeous baby boy Lowe.

This is moi 

So why did we decide to move to Bulgaria? We decided to make the huge move from the UK when Mark left the Army. Zimbabwe was always the place where we were going to move to but due to turbulent times over there we looked elsewhere. We came across Bulgaria online and saw that cost of living here was relatively cheaper than other places around the world. Our main reason for the move was so that we could eventually become self sufficient, we wanted to grow our own food and be self reliant. When looking for a property we wanted a large amount of land, one or more wells, a South facing plot, good accessibility to roads in bad weather and of course WiFi so that we can share what we are doing. In no time at all we came across the house we now live in, it had all of the things we were looking for and more. So we snapped it up and for the past year we have began our new journey.

Our house from the bottom of the garden

So that is the first blog. I have left it simple as I have lots of things to talk about. The next one will be about our long drive over here. It was the most awful journey but looking back now it was also the funniest so I must share it with you. But for now as they say in Bulgaria Ciao Ciao